What Should Not Matter: The Tragic Romance Of Two Lovely Women (The Life Of Rosa Diaz Book 1)

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Nicky Nichols, the recovering drug addict played by Natasha Lyonne. I could go on and on. The Bridge solved that problem with a friendship between Adriana Emily Rios , a lesbian reporter from Juarez, and Daniel Matthew Lillard , a floridly heterosexual Texan. At first, theirs is just a professional partnership as they chase the story of a serial killer operating on the border between El Paso and Juarez.

Moss got to be furious, frightened and frightening, violent, and intensely sexual. Sierra Teller Ornelas is staying in business with Universal Television. According to Deadline, the writer-producer has inked a deal with the studio, the home of her forthcoming comedy Attention anyone who has worked or sought work in the entertainment industry: The Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment needs your input.

According to Deadline, the Anita Hill-led Join our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on women centric, directed, and written films and news.

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Web Series. Wonder Woman. After just one season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has established itself in the comedic world of television. Forget some details from the first season?

Catch up before season 2 premieres this Sunday, September 28 at p. It won the Golden Globe for best comedy show last spring and has become an entertaining and light-hearted show about the world of detectives in Brooklyn, New York. We asked, and you answered.

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Based on the results of our poll, we will be covering Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2. Sure, he was affable and lovable more often than not when it came to the hijinks within the precinct, but when it comes to his partner Amy Santiago, he gets serious. It took him a while to accept his feelings for her, moving through the stages of playground teasing, to flirting, and at one point just kind of bumbling his way through conversations with her. The press coverage relates to warnings issued by UK authorities about Anna being a psychic scam. But the promise of easy cash comes at a cost.

If you think you have seen this unsolicited job offer before, you are right! Only one letter separates this latest money mule scam from the Ascot International Finance Group LLC money mule scam which bombarded our inboxes last month. Ascot International Finance Group LLC is looking for energetic, reliable and honest people to carry out illegal activities. Chinese speaking scammers are telephoning consumers who come from Asian backgrounds, with the intention of cheating them into sending wire transfers of funds to bank accounts in Hong Kong.

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The same pitch, the same website and the same scam. Would anyone like to guess the return postal address for this scam? What a cheek! Not if the email is from the Australian International Lottery Program.

WA ScamNet normally warns Australian consumers about fraudsters trying to con people out of their money by using the names of UK and Spanish lotteries. Thanks to Channel 10 for the footage.

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Never heard of it — nor has Lotterywest and it supposedly shares its Osborne Park head office with this outfit. And the first cheque is ready to be sent now! Award Notification Commission suggests that you are the winner of one million dollars. They even suggest you seek advice from a financial professional on how to spend your windfall. Unfortunately, the only windfall you are likely to receive is a windfall of other similar misleading offers.

Luckily the WA public are too wary to send money to a company in the UK on the basis of a tiny letter that doesn't even tell them what they'd be getting! Or are the scammers behind BIVR so contemptuous of their victims that they believe people will fall for any old nonsense? This time the person on the end of the line is from Baida Group of Hong Kong. And if you just answer their three question consumer survey you could win an mp4 player! You have just received an urgent email from your bank notifying you of fraudulent activity. If you receive an email call from someone purporting to be from your bank and requesting account and password details, do not respond.

Immediately contact your bank. Do not use the telephone number the email has provided. Dozens of consumers across metropolitan and regional Western Australia have been reporting these unsolicited calls to WA ScamNet in June and July of Unfortunately thousands of dollars have already been lost. The bland email from Barcelo Travel seems innocuous enough, containing only a few short sentences offering a job with a big salary.

But this email is anything but innocent and is flooding inboxes around the world. You will probably receive a different version of this email depending on where you live. Pyramid schemes have been around for a while but WA ScamNet has received recent complaints about a chain letter doing the rounds, which uses the global financial crisis as a way to convince people to take part. Think twice about this one.

The Blacktacos mail orders sales company is one of the most prolific serial scammers known to WA ScamNet. But you already knew that. We have had reports from customers about the website appliancesdeals. We have had reports about the website www. Tibetan Buddhist monks emphasize spiritual growth over material wealth or gain. So why would a genuine Tibetan monk try to sell you a prayer wheel solely designed to make you a multi-millionaire through games of chance? Scammers are circulating spam emails purporting to contain links to websites with information on the recent Boston explosions, but in fact contain links to malicious content that may infect and allow scammers remote access to your computer.

While the passing of celebrities or other breaking news stories prompt most of us to turn on the TV, search the internet and text or call friends, scammers swing into action to take advantage of our thirst for information. Getting an expensive piece of jewellery just as a reward for shopping is an incredible offer. Much too incredible! How do you spot a fake website? The reality is they can look really professional and may have copied official logos, high quality images and even stolen an ABN from a real business.

One sign of a fake site can be a recent copyright date but scammers may also put an older copyright date to fool you. Monetary compendium kings Carter, Hammond and Pierce have become so well known as scammers that they are now sending out letters under the initials C.

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WA ScamNet suggests you are not unique in this instance because the scammers behind this ruse have sent countless unique people across the world the same cheque, with the same false promises. The mysterious multimillionaire Mr X knows quite a bit about you, according to the C. Mr X is actually an imaginary character created by the infamous Blacktacos, a mail order sales company.

The black-hearted Blacktacos is trying to con you out of your money with the N. Kingston method. This is the genie of all scams. WA consumers are being warned not to become involved in a diamond related pyramid-trading scheme emanating from Canada, which is operating in WA. Scammers are offering compensation for a car accident in an attempt to obtain personal information from victims.