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The first dedicated word processor was introduced after Maxwell had already become established as a science fiction writer. She bought one immediately and soon found that she had tripled her productivity, as she was no longer forced to spend a great deal of time retyping her pages as she edited. This enabled her to get ahead of her contract, so Maxwell began to look for another type of writing that she would enjoy, but that would pay better.

Maxwell approached her agent for ideas. The agent suggested that she look into thrillers, romance novels and horror fiction, as all three were becoming very popular. After reading several horror novels, Maxwell realized that she would not enjoy writing that type of fiction. Her husband brought her five Silhouette novels, three of which were for a brand-new line, Sihouette Desire. Although Maxwell thought the novels were well written, she did not really enjoy the first four stories.

The last one that she read, Corporate Affair by Stephanie James a. Jayne Ann Krentz made her fall in love with the genre. Because she had never read romance novels before, Maxwell picked up over fifty additional category romances to familiarize herself with the expected format and then set out to write her own romance.

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The resulting novel, Summer Thunder , published in , was the debut of her romance career. After several years writing category romances, Maxwell turned to historical romance. Maxwell's romance novels have consistently placed on The New York Times bestseller list. Maxwell spends her free time hiking, fishing for salmon, cooking, gardening, or spending time on the family's boat. They have a son, Matthew, and a daughter, Heather, who are now grown. Maxwell's daughter has published several books under the pseudonym Heather Lowell.


These books are rewrites of novels previously published under the Silhouette Intimate Moments line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people with the same name, see Anne Maxwell. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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The thing is, Charley is not a detective. In fact, he is a horrible detective, but through his blundering about, he does find some connections to the dead girl. There is the discovery of the boxes of film loops of black market porn consisting of real sick shit like snuff films and beastuality. To add some international flavoring to his murder mystery there are the Serbian gang members who want him dead. The cluster of cherries on top of this swirling bloody milkshake of an adventure are the bodies of the people he knows and cares about who keep turning up dead.

I am starting to think the title of this novel should have been Everyone Dies Except Charley. Charley has this really naive, crusading quirk to his personality that irritates me nearly to distraction. Coincidentally or probably not, the lovely actress, Ursula Andress, plays Honey Ryder in the Bond film. Mead, Shrooms, would you like to meet my Sister? It would be something like that. This book is set in , but the excesses of the s are already in full swing. The politicians and even the Eye-ties are starting to think that there is more money to be made out of this prime real estate by converting the seedy street fronts into the razzle dazzle of what we see today.

The Frog and the Scorpion by A. Understand this: You will pay what I ask or the authorities will receive the names and addresses of the Zahedi war criminals who are in America.

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You will be shipped back to Iran, Jew. Then you will be executed and your women will be stoned to death as whores. Jews living in Iran knew what would happen to them under the control of the fanatical, conservative, religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini. Many of these Iranian Jews came to America on temporary visas, and when those visas ran out, they stayed. To go back to Iran was going back to their own deaths. The Shah had attempted to modernize Iran by nationalizing certain industries and restructuring the economic, political, and social traditions in an attempt to make Iran into a Middle Eastern superpower.

The Arab Spring that began in , though convoluted to determine exactly what exactly the revolutionaries wanted from country to country, showed me that the young people of the Middle East want more social freedom. Maybe they even want a separation of church and state. We shall see, but for the moment, for the purposes of this review, otherwise known as a meandering thought process, we are back about 34 years ago with our intrepid protagonist known as Fiddler.

He is a wealthy, charming, ruggedly another term for a man showing the scars of life handsome man, who has a rather unusually complicated relationship with his ex-wife Fiora. Like I say, we have a very complicated relationship with a pretty simple core. Power and competition, courage and cowardice. All the bloody absolutes that fascinate you. I gave her a look that had become familiar after years of marriage and separation. Their interactions are sultry, witty, marvelously intelligent, and passionate. Get that official piece of paper out of the way, and for some people the relationship continues to expand instead of constrict under the weight of mutual ownership.


When Shahpour Zahedi needs help he calls Fiddler. That is when the executions and the stoning of their women for being whores would commence. Shahpour can not call the authorities for obvious reasons, but situations like this are tailor made for a guy like Fiddler. His investigation will take him from the halls of USC to the slimy corridors of corporate America.

The King of Nothing

He will hear terms like yellowcake and Al-Makr thrown about. He will find a bomb in his Shelby Cobra. He will meet a vivacious Israeli agent, who is as dangerous as she is seductive. He will discover that there is a lot more to uncover than just a shakedown organization. This case has the potential to drop all the problems in the Middle East right in the lap of Southern California.

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The writer A. Maxwell is actually the married couple Ann and Evan Maxwell. I can only hope that writing about Fiddler and Fiora put some added spark in their relationship as well. There are eight volumes in the series, of which this is the second. Ferd worked me over, belly and kidneys and groin.

I wanted to vomit, but it was backed up and choked off by the arm at my throat. It splattered all over my pants and shoes and the floorboards. Philip Marlowe was routinely roughed up in the course of his investigations.

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He took a lot of blows to the back of the head. The thing is, Hardman is not a private detective. He is an ex-cop who was thrown off the force who, for lack of any interest in gainful employment, provides unsanctioned detective work to discerning clients.

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Some of these jobs are on one side of the law, and some maybe drift over to the other side of the law. So he is off the case.

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  6. There are easier ways to make money. The thing is, the girl, Emily Campbell, is found strangled to death. Something more sinister is behind the death of Emily Campbell, and Hardman is becoming more and more determined to discover the truth. From every angle, it was a different piece of sculpture. So it was with a crime. You had to be standing in the right way, with your head in the right place, and then you understood the crime. There is a real reason why this beautiful, young woman has been murdered.

    As the list of the dead gets longer, Hardman is doing everything he can not to be third or fourth or fifth on that list. If not for his friend Hump Evans, he might not live out the week. The fight was over when I got there. Three black studs were spread all over the floor and Hump, barely sweating, was seated at the bar drinking draft beer. It seemed that the shortest of the three had started it by looking up at Hump and asking how the weather was up there. Hump had spit in his eye and said it was raining. That was when the fight broke out. Publishers note: This book was originally published in and reflects the cultural and sexual attitudes, language, and politics of the period.

    Meaning: vagina, vulva. The word dates back to I might be a tad young to have heard it used as slang. Quim is a word I have encountered in literature a few times, so I am not unfamiliar with its usage, but it is interesting seeing it appear in a s novel.