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Since then, this cookbook has become a favorite of vegans, vegetarians and anyone else looking to eat healthier. By focusing on inexpensive ingredients and easy-to-prepare recipes, the author makes going vegan seem like an attainable goal. She recreates her favorites from childhood by swapping in red bean sausage, nutritional yeast, nondairy milk and plenty of vegetables and seasonings. Why should meat eaters have all the fun with an Instant Pot?

This revolutionary kitchen gadget does so much more than make a pot roast; it can cook up nondairy yogurts, prepare an entire plant-based meal at once or simmer your sides while you work on the main dish. This Instant Pot-focused cookbook gives you 80 great vegan recipe ideas to put this appliance to work. There are plenty of cookbooks out there that teach home cooks how to make kitchen staples like homemade butter and quick mayo, but vegans often have to rely on online recipes or packaged products they find in stores. Not anymore. This cookbook covers standard ingredients like pizza dough, granola, pasta, ketchup and more.

And you can even learn how to make vegan mozzarella that bakes and browns on a pizza almost like the real thing. It helps that the author has her own vegan cheese company. The book is great for vegans, vegetarians and anyone trying to inject more flavor into their weekly cooking routine.

And yes, there is real sweet potato in this cake about of them to be exact. I hope you enjoy this cake as much as we have! This recipe makes a 2-layer 9-inch cake. Pair this cake with Cinnamon Honey Buttercream Frosting for a delicious combination. I am excited to try this cake. I stumbled on your site a few weeks ago. Your website name attracted me. Then I saw you were in upstate SC. Now this! I have been browsing websites for a great sweet potato cake that would be like the one at Brick Street Cafe. Who would know better than someone who has actually been there?

You have gained a new follower. Thanks so much. Let me know how it turns out for you.

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Oh my goodness! I am totally trying this ASAP! The one thing I saw as the cake looked like it was done enough. Wow that sounds fantastic!

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I love how thick the icing is on this cake! This will be perfect for Thanksgiving, Angie! It will be making an appearance on our holiday table too. I love the sweet potato cake from Brick Strret Cafe. It is the best cake EVER. Well ask and you shall receive because here I am!

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I cannot wait to whip this up tomorrow—this looks perfect! Please help. The link to the frosting recipe that I like to use with this cake, Cinnamon Honey Buttercream Frosting, is just above the recipe. I will also add the link to the notes section of the recipe. I made a sweet potato cake years ago and fell in love. I definitely am going to be trying this one!! I have not tested this cake at a high altitude but I would follow basic recommendations for high altitude baking. This cake was great. It is so moist. I can only imagine how perfect it would be if I followed your recipe to the T.

Just a mom trying to whip up a cake with the quickness and this wowed everyone. Yay for making your own adjustments! I baked this cake twice and neither rose like the one pictured. The the only ingredient I changed was the buttermilk, I used lactose free whole milk and added the vinegar. Both cakes were baked on high humidity days, not sure if that would affect the rise.

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There are always a variety of factors when baking that could change the results. Thank you for your quick reply. That and baking in the deep south on a rainy summer day might have affected the outcome. Thank you for the recipe and the help. I, too, have been looking for a sweet potato cake like Brick Street Cafe serves.


I then decided I had to find a recipe. Is it possible to use canned sweet potatoes for this recipe? I realize this may be the lazy route but I have 3 small children and when I eventually do get the chance to bake, time is of the essence. Canned sweet potatoes should work just fine, although they may have added sugar or other ingredients which will affect the results.

Be aware of that. Have all the ingredients for this delicious looking cake!

Thank you! I do have friends who have made it multiple times in loaf pans succesfully.

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Your recipe is beautiful! Haha I wish it was the one Brick Street actually used. Yeah, actually they make the pie filling which is sweet potatoes, vanilla pudding, heavy cream, etc, but they set some aside and mix it with boxed cake batter. Hey, thank you! I can see that now.

And it was Duncan Hines yellow that they mix it with? Btw, tried this cake here and it was fabulous thank you Amy!

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Holly, do you know how many cups of sweet potatoes and boxes of vanilla pudding Brick Street used? Did they use instant pudding? Someone told me they use the sweet potato pie filling in the cake wish they would publish a cook book. Then they add that filling to their coconut cake recipe minus the coconut.

So I tried to do that one year, and it made a delicious cake, but still not quite like theirs, so I want to give this one a whirl for an upcoming bridal shower. I was wondering if I need to make any changes to make it for cupcakes, and if the amazing looking cinnamon-honey-butter icing needs to be increased to ice the cupcakes sufficiently?

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I would not change anything for cupcakes other than the cook time. I made this cake and it came out too dense. What do you think I could have done wrong? I made this cake and it was delicious, however it did not turn out like Brick St.