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The song, Arpeggio, is a mixture of moody guitar and triumphant pop energy. Judgment takes place in the same fictional city, and leans even further into television drama moodiness. This is an incredibly smart decision. While many games chase after film language and technique, Judgment would rather capture the feel of television. The result is a much more digestible game than your average hour AAA epic.

The main plot might be focused on Yagami and his murder mystery, but this is a story about a place. The fictional district that Judgment takes place in, Kamurocho, takes a prominent role. Yakuza is a fusion of crime film and dramatic stage operatics.

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The A. Heather Alexandra. Share This Story. More in judgment. Yakuza 6 : The Kotaku Review. Deception and ill-timing convince her to marry her third husband instead of a man she prefers, who later returns to Iceland more handsome and rich than ever. Filled with greed and jealous spite, she goads her third husband into killing the man she intended to marry.

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His kinsmen then seek revenge by killing her third husband. Instead, she engaged in the pagan code of vigilante justice through the verbal action of whetting: inciting men into violence on her behalf.

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Gudrun Gjukadottir differs in that she takes vengeance into her own hands. In this saga, Gudrun is married to a king who kills her brothers for their gold.

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Gudrun proceeds to kill her own two sons and feeds them to her husband. Her actions are so atrocious they can be difficult to stomach.

Instead of modern literary subjectivity, there is simply the presentation of events. But it is this very focus on character, action, behavior, and voice, rather than interiority, that helped me mature as a writer.

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I spent years growing up in the conservative purity culture of the 90s, which told me I could tempt a man to sin by walking past him. So it was refreshing to see these women own their desire and act on it, even if that included murder. They were agents of change in the world around them, not naval-gazing victims of their own guilt and fear. They were more apt to throttle others than their own passions, and while that might be terrible, at least it was interesting. More interesting than my wife who could at most peel an onion in distracted silence. The change in my own writing began at the level of voice.

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They became incisive, bold, and clear, as if they were emerging from the mist of their own restraint. Over a decade later, I still read the sagas. Today I read them not so much to mine them for ideas, as to take comfort in their strange universality. People will be people, and while we may judge them, our human nature cannot be confined by that judgment. Instead, it continues rolling, like a wave without a shore.

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I read the sagas to soak in their world, to be held aloft in a different space, one that is filled with brutal action and its never-ending consequences.