In Gregs Garden: A Pineywoods Perspective on Gardening, Nature and Family

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To learnmore about this garden, visit the website at www. Many on-going fun, family activities through- out the event including bird walks, biodiversity survey, bird talks, citizen science bird counts, bird of prey demonstration, kids birddrawing and more.

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Please come join the fun and bring your family and friends! Visit www. Whatis an app? The cost varies, but there are many free apps. These apps do not work with other types of smartphone hardware, but you shouldbe able to do a web search for the apps that fit your device. Many of these applications may be similar to those available on the iPhone, but will not be exactly the same. From the ones that looked promising, I then checked the reviews and a sample of the app appearance. I found the reviews to be very help-ful. For instance, reviews for one app that I was interested in indicated that the appfrequently crashed.

Another app was rated only 2 out of 5 stars,with most people rating it a 1 star. I was also looking for an app to help me landscape some Unfortunately, the apps I found did not receive very high ratings, so once again, I will postpone purchasing them. These are the ones I chose: Floral Envi Free free This app has beautiful photo- graphs of flowers and is very relaxing. Unfortunately, it was also an ad for the Floral Envi, which is not free. Sixteen cit- ies are preprogrammed, but it allows you to search by zip code and city too.

Once you select the length, width and depth to be filled, the soil calculator will figure out how much soil you need. A handy shopping list page is also included. Hopefully, they will add more videos in the future. I love to stop and seenurseries in cities that I visit and this allows me to enter a zip code and get a list of shopsin the area. Also, there are some listings that do not appear to be retailbusinesses.

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It provides the address and phone number and allows you to view the business Note: there is also an iLocate Plants app, but I did not purchase it. It allows you toname the garden and catalog your plants. It has a database of 30, plants, with usefulinformation. Unfortunately, because of licensing problems, they were not able to include apicture of each plant, but the app allows you to take a picture of a plant and upload it. In ad-dition, it includes a to-do list, which can be linked to each garden. It also provides a journal.

This app allows you to include a link to your favorite blog. However, it includes an option to open the blog on the web. Hopefully, this will inspire you to check out apps that will help and inspire you in your garden. Scale down ponds, benches, sculpture to sizes that fit the garden. The same impact can be made with smaller scaled items as with grandiose ones. To makesmaller scaled items appear even bigger - paint them bright colors like yellow, orange or red.

An 8-person patio set with oversized umbrella that fills the entire backgarden is a valuable accessory for parties but not appropriate for small garden life. An Abelia is a great shrub for a small garden. It has these wonderful glossy evergreen leaves and beautiful pinkish white bell-shaped blooms for most of the year. Manage your resources and use space conservativelySpace is a precious commodity in small gardens so be restrictive about howyou give it out.

Tough decisions may have to be made about which plants can realistically fit into the garden. Yes there is often lots of room just after planting butnot when perennials, shrubs or trees reach full size. A promising trend in the nursery industry has been to breed plants for smaller areas. Adapting the garden to hold miniature versions of your favorite plants is a good solution.

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Consider all the seasonsLike large gardens, smaller areas should reflect all four seasons and make the most of eachone. Plan for something of interest during all the months. A narrow front garden can have Coleus and other groundcoverannuals can follow through the beginning of the summer and drought-tolerant Gazanias forthe end of the summer.

Snapdragons and dianthus can carry on into the winter with pansies.

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Use layersConsider the upper storey tree layer, the mid layer of shrubs and the ground level layer of perennials, annuals and bulbs. All three of these layers can holdplants. The most action is in the lowest layer that can have a different show forevery season. Consider using perennials as groundcovers to increase the excitement in the garden. Look at formsPlants that grow low and wide are highly prized in the garden but they take up toomuch valuable ground level space. Plants like this that are low and wide are not going to allow for many layers. Reach for the sky and choose high and wide instead.

Use borrowed views and landscapesTo take advantage of anything that you can — think about what you can usethat is beyond the garden. Design your garden as if the space were bigger. Half the fun is pretending that it is all yours. Use plants as screensSmaller city gardens have more unwanted views to contend with than larger gardens.

Ugly buildings, nosy neighbors, noisy highways, power lines, signs, parking lots, the list goes on and on. Use plants to block out the sight and reduce the Tall upright perennials such as Salvia along a drive arevery good at blocking a view of a neighbor. Other plants like ornamental grasses andDwarf clumping bamboo will also create great living screens.

Use colors to your advantageSmall amounts of bold reds, yellows and oranges have a huge impact.