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Recorded on: 4 Dec Length: 1h 12m Language: English. Price: 7. Recorded on: 22 Jan Length: 0h 53m Language: English. You can make your life happy with the power of your mind. There are two paths: the way of suffering; and the way of achievement until Self-realization. Price: 5. Recorded on: 17 Dec Length: 0h 43m Language: English. Unity in spirituality Evening satsang with H. Vishwaguruji from Villach, Austria. Evening Satsang with H. Vishwaguruji speaks about the early times of his teaching Yoga in Austria and other countries. Price: 4. Recorded on: 16 Dec Length: 1h 07m Language: English.

When days of Christmas are coming we feel the love in our heart. Food is the source of our life. Scientific knowledge is growing rapidly, but being a human is different. Food is very important.

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We shouldn't eat meat. The Vedas are holy scriptures, the teachings of the master to the disciple. It means there are good, divine things in it.

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Travelling in the Himalayas needs a different kind of training, we should practice more pranayama: five hours a day, inhaling through the nostrils, exhaling through the mouth. Yoga is a science of the human body, mind, consciousness and intellect. We would like to preserve Nature, all of the creatures.

Even small animals are important for the vegetation. Turn to a vegetarian diet. Keep your spirituality Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vep, Hungary. Continuity of our life does not stop. The night will come again. Remain under the shelter of our Parampara. It depends on you whether the light of the truth will remain with you.

The Earth was created by the sage Vishwakarma. Everything was well balanced, but we humans are trying to destroy this harmony. There are many Siddhas and Saints living in the Himalayas. Shiva manifested Himself first there. Price: 2. Mantras have a strong effect on the elements and the whole of Creation.

VLOG: leading my first soul cycle class, concert, dinner with my bf!

If you speak nicely to a plant, it will be very happy. Satsang will bring us to the Aim Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vep. Satsang is the train that will bring us to our destination. The path is very difficult - but it is very easy and relaxed if you have understanding.

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Try not to destroy someone. Recorded on: 5 Dec Length: 1h 07m Language: English.

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Brahman is the everlasting and eternal Light. The body consists of five elements. These element are present within us and outside as well. There are different techniques to purify and balance the elements. We should take care of the body while practicing Yoga. Recorded on: 1 Nov Length: 0h 43m Language: English. Price: Silver represents the Moon, while the Sun is gold. Chandra moon and Surya sun are in our Brahmanda. The universe is within us. Who came first, the bird or the egg? Everyone has a different thumbprint. Regardless whether you understand bhajans or not, the resonance awakens spirituality in you.

The resonance of the songs is reflected in our ten indriyas organs of perception and action. Spy Glass. Maria V. On the Hunt. Gena Showalter. Lover in the Rough. Elizabeth Lowell. Shannon Delany.

When It Happens to You. Molly Ringwald. Shadow Rising.

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