Gesturing to God - Mudras for Physical, Spiritual and Mental Well-Being

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Gesturing To God - Mudras For Physical, Spiritual And Mental Well-Being

Hours of Play:. Cultivates a sense of gratitude and awareness in the heart center. Opens energy in the front body. Plant that intention in the center of the palms and offer it up to the universe. Use this to assist you in feeling gratitude in your heart. Then practice sending empathy out of your grateful palms to assist others. You could practice one or all of these for greater heart awakening. This card deck and book sets design to awaken the energy body and support health and wellness in an easy and accessible way.

This is a unique deck of 40 colorful cards illustrating 33 mudras and 7 chakras. There are many ways to use these cards.

The Koshas

You may want to begin by choosing one card for the day or week to work with. Taking time daily to practice the mudra, Notice your breath and any sensations that arise. Adding the affirmation to your daily practice can be very positive and intentional tool. You can choose follow a sequence or be chose at random.

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  5. This suggestion works well with a longer time frame such as a week or a month. This deck will be great to complement your yoga practice, for students and teachers. Select a series of mudras. One representing each group as indicated by color, to create a mudra sequence.

    Please consider this as a fluid, adaptable way to experience the energy body. If your leading others in the mudras, be aware of any cautions as noted, making sure to ask students if there any physical concerns or limitations. These commonly can be hypertension, thyroid disease and low blood pressure- just to name a few. Use the chakra cards as inspiration for your class theme or personal practice. For instance, a class with focus on the Root Chakra or Muladhhara, becomes centered around the qualities of grounding and stability.

    Choose the corresponding mudras in this case, any of the red Mudra cards to assist in activating those qualities. Connect further by bringing in the elements of earth, the color red, and the key qualities ascribed by the card. You can use one or more of the mudras throughout your practice in deep in the experience. In addition to the traditional usage of mudras for seated meditation, an excellent way to experience the Mudra cards is to use the images as a meditation tool.

    There are many amazing experiences that can unfold by meditating on sacred art and images. A lot of the breath to call him in the eyes to Saufley gaze on the image. Take in all of the visual elements; shapes, color, images, and then close the eyes and call the image as you focus inward. This method of visual recall can awake in the higher senses and intuition as well.

    Selecting a card at random can be a wonderful intuitive way to work as well. You may shuffle the cards, quiet the mind, ask for a higher guidance-whether to the divine or higher self-and see which card is selected, noting its qualities, keyword, energetic connections, and the affirmation. Very often we work in this manner, we receive the perfect message without effort. You may also use combinations of cards to help you guide your focus.

    Shuffle the cards, quiet the mind and asked for your highest guidance. Select three cards to represent body, mind and spirit.