Exploring Contemporary Craft: History, Theory and Critical Writing

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  1. Exploring Contemporary Craft: History, Theory and Critical Writing.
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Books - Sternberg Press. Delving into an exploration of the history of craft, this course begins with the development of craft, providing an historical and critical context that draws on art history, aesthetics, material and visual culture, and the nascent field of craft theory..

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Contemporary artists such as Ghada Amer and Clare Twomey have gained Title Dangerous Liaisons: Relationships between design, craft By exploring the right ingredients for craft-based upcycling, barriers liable to be.. Subscribe 22 Nov Document on Contemporary Crafts: Material Perceptions brings together a range of writers to discuss craft practice, history and theory. Hockney is attempting to rewrite the history of modern painting by theorizing that artists like Velazquez, Van Eyck, and Caravaggio used optics and lenses to aid in the creation of their masterpieces.

In craft, several artists have contribute to the written discourse surrounding the field including: William Morris, Rob Barnard, Margie Hughto, Bernard Leach, and Bruce Metcalf, among others. Ganoksin is sponsored by. These first spaces were instrumental in serving artists who had been overlooked by curators and critics and underrepresented in the institutional art world, such as women artists and artists with ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Alternative spaces were also among the first to support artists working in an interdisciplinary manner to create art. Contemporary alternative spaces still function in this capacity by providing artists with the physical space and resources to exhibit their own artwork, as well as the means to curate and organize exhibitions of fellow artists. These opportunities give artists a voice in dictating and defining what is relevant in the art world.

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What once was a radical new model is now a mainstay. The art establishment has been and will always be the focus of reform and critique. Today, even formally trained art professionals are recognizing the constraints and limitations of the traditional art world. A new breed has emerged, and many professionals are leaving or opting out of institutional service.

Contemporary artists like Fred Wilson are also involved in this current wave of reform. Wilson uses the methodology of curatorial practice and art criticism to critique and examine the many divisions of power in the art world. With this history and the overall success of artists implementing change, one might ask why there is still resistance from the art establishment toward artists occupying positions of influence outside of their studio practice.

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