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This book was extremely entertaining, book snobbery be damned. And by "entertaining" I mean frequently so horrible and unfair that I simply had to keep reading to find out what would happen. I really liked how King organized this story, beginning with small-town cop Tim Jamieson and then darting a thousand miles away to tell the tale of Luke Ellis-- a tale that seems about as unrelated as you can get.

Except of course it's not unrelated and their paths are going to cross in the strangest of ways. But back to Luke. He is a child prodigy, destined for greatness, when one night he is kidnapped and taken to The Institute, a place where children with special abilities are held captive and subjected to bizarre experiments.

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In this dark, evil place, all they have is each other, as they try to avoid cruel punishments. The ugly unfairness of it makes the story immediately compelling and, as bigger secrets come to light, I couldn't imagine how they were ever going to get out of it. If King's continued digs at Trump didn't clue us readers in already, the overarching theme of this book suggests a whole new level of frustration and distrust of the government. But it also sends out a hopeful positive message that kids don't have to stand for it, which seems more apt than ever.

A good read. Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube View all 33 comments. Emily May Kristine wrote: "For those critical of Mr. King and his political views presented in his books I, for one, enjoy th Kristine wrote: "For those critical of Mr. I, for one, enjoy the books that much more. Glad he expresses them. He's always been political. It also just baffles me that people think politics should be kept out of books Started with The Shining just to be consistent and liked it. But I loved Doctor Sleep more. Just finished The Outsider and loved it too. On a Stephen King streak!

I need some time to gather my thoughts on this one. Full review to come My favorite author. Released just in time for my birthday. Comparisons made to Firestarter. I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm for this! Sep 13, Nilufer Ozmekik rated it really liked it. My ritual is simple. I pray for several things starting with better eyesight Dear King always like to write encyclopedic sized books which I also used in my training sessions.

Some people confused me with woman wrestlers! Damn it! I visualized them start villain poker tournaments! I was 10 when I started to read my first king Book and I was at my school chorus practice, hiding my book in my music notes but instead of singing that day, I was reading and then I started screaming.

I terrorized my friends and teachers that day! So I found my life mission already, thanks to Mr. I got married and I resigned from my bank manager job to be screenplay writer Yes! Everybody knows something is wrong with me!

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A, learned fake smiling and not to scream when I see at a walking talking over tanned and botoxed Barbie doll. So many things changed, life molded me, tormented me, punched me but also gave so many gifts to me. His story is hooked me up from the beginning.

One night he found himself at the copied version his own room but the copiers might have forgotten to add windows! I felt like somebody dragged Mr. There are too kind of extraordinary kinds here: The kids who are telepaths or telekinetic! To differentiate them they have to find the ones seeing the dots! I can handle the violence. I wish I could puke on all the villains of the book! This time their methods put me on edge and I made a waterboarding list instead of slapping because other villains of the books seemed like Disney characters comparing with these nasty scumbags!

Of course honor member of my hating list is starting with Mrs. Sigsby what kind of last name is this? I think I should put all the crew members of institute including Maureen because snitches are always the worst! So I decided to stick with shiny four stars! I think Mr.

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King might feel I cut the last star! I wish I drank my last sip of Chardonnay before being punished. Well, all work no play make Nily dull person!

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View all 27 comments. Natalie M Totally agree with your review!


Two stories trying to be one! Nov 10, PM. Will I ever catch up and read all SK books?

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Probably not, but here's to trying! View all 9 comments. Jenna Morgan This was my first Stephan King! I loved this! It was well written and really interesting. Oct 27, PM. Charlie Parra It's literally mission impossible! Sep 24, Susanne Strong rated it it was amazing Shelves: must-read , audiobooks , favorites , five-star-reads.

I simply adored the character development! Not a one. There he meets Sha, Nick, Avery and quite a few others. They draw strength from each other. Some are teens, like himself and a few are just kids. They go through some crazy experiments. A few of them have extraordinary powers: TK and TP.

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No matter what happens to them, they all end up going to the back half. Some, sooner than later. What happens here is sheer insanity. Time and again he reinvents himself and while there might be smidges of this story that seem familiar it is wholly new and fresh and I loved every second of it. It was then that I became a fan, and read every book of yours that I could get my hands on. Regardless, I remain astounded by your efforts, your ideas and your brilliant mind and I thank you for making me a reader. I wish I had your superpowers.